Youth Club

Our policy of focusing on tradition and the attention we pay to activities for young people, a policy pursued by our presidents Sergio Pininfarina and Lorenzo Silva, have been successful in more ways than one, including the victories of brothers Edoardo and Francesco Molinari, two naturally talented home-grown champions, in the World Cup and the Ryder Cup.

As many as 25 male and 22 female club members have played for the national team and, from 1937 until the present day, have won 123 championships, including pairs, team, individual championships and all titles reserved for the Junior category.

The club’s youth programme consists of three days of training per week with club professionals: Sergio Bertaina, a member of the team coaching Italy’s National Professional Golf Team, and Marco Soffietti, a member of the training staff coaching Italy’s national amateur team, assisted by Filippo Armand, Francesco Vacchetto and Alberto Biglia.

It’s a hothouse training 140 young people aged between six and 18, perfectly supported by the club’s youth directors: Eleonora Nejrotti, Maria Beatrice Durante, Carolina Vergnano e Giovanni Pavesio

(The photo above shows some of the young people in the Youth Club with brothers Edoardo and Francesco Molinari, home-grown champions who grew up in our Youth Club)

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